Picture's copyrights

  1. Copyright to the pictures from 4ever.eu

    1. If not indicated otherwise for specific picture, pictures from the portal 4ever.eu are available free of charge for personal usage only. Users may use them on their own discretion.
    2. If you wish to use the pictures commercially, you must contact the author of the picture. 4ever.eu does not provide information about the authors.
    3. If picture is uploaded by users without a contract, the user waives all copyrights in favor of the portal 4ever.eu.
  2. Contract of advertising photographers

    1. Photographers or studios that publish their photos on the portal 4ever.eu can have contract for advertising photographers with portal 4ever.eu.
    2. Under this contract, the photographers or studios get banner next to their pictures with their contact information.
    3. Contract of advertising photographers is not legally enforceable and we reserve the right not to award a contract with a specific photograph or study on the basis of our quality requirements.
    4. We reserve the right to display only those pictures that we consider to be of sufficient quality.
    5. Portal 4ever.eu do not request payments from photographers or studios for impressions or for clicks.
  3. Copyright violation

    1. Pictures can be added to the portal 4ever.eu by users. We can not always guarantee that users have on their pictures rights.
    2. If the author find his photo or image, to which he have the copyright, in the database of our portal, he can contact us using the form below.
    3. We honor the copyrights and we pledge to actively cooperate on resolving any problem.

Reporting copyright violation

Links to violated pictures or their IDs.
So we can verify the original site from which the pictures were downloaded.

Preferred solution: