Terms of Use 4ever.eu

  1. Using site

    1. Use the site 4ever.eu the user agrees with all here mentioned rules.
    2. Operator reserves the right to do any changes in these rules.
    3. Information provided during use the site must be properly and accordance with the standards of the Slovak Republic.
  2. Site availability and its content

    1. Operator decides on the accessibility / inaccessibility of any Content by its own decision.
    2. Operator strives for the best technical services are available. The user acknowledges that the contents may be unavailable for a period necessary to eliminate technical problems.
  3. Privacy

    1. Operator ensures that personal information will not be given to a third party.
    2. Operator reserves the right to maintain personal data even if the user cancels the registration, up to a maximum of 5 years.
    3. Operator never requests personal information (eg password) via mail or other similar means.
    4. User agrees to the disclosure of any data sent using the site 4ever.eu with exception to the data in the profile marked as private.
    5. All data user provides optionally and voluntary.
  4. Unregistering

    1. User has the right to cancel their registration without giving any reason.
    2. Operator has the right to cancel registration to anyone, even without giving any reason.
  5. User's obligations

    1. User undertakes to comply with the legal standards and the basics of decent conduct.
    2. Is prohibited:

      1. Any form of harass other users or in any way or restrict them of using services of site 4ever.eu
      2. Guide to or promote alcohol, drugs, medications or other addictive and narcotic substances.
      3. Publicly incite to sexual intercourse and other sexual practices, even at night.
      4. Advertise any sale of goods or services.
      5. Overuse vulgarism, rude and abusive words that could offended anyone.
      6. Advertise fascism, nazism, racism and any other denial of fundamental human rights and freedoms.
      7. Promote competition web sites.
      8. Write incomprehensible or aggressive posts containing too many of the same characters or emoticons.
      9. Abuse the box "to" to the information other than the post recipient.
    3. Posts or profiles in violation of these rules may be modified or deleted and the user may be temporarily or permanently banned, or his registration can be cancelled.
  6. Pictures, photos and albums

    1. User can only add pictures or photos which are not copyrighted or the copyright belong to the user.
    2. Insert a picture or photography user agrees with publicly displaying and disclaims all copyright holders.
    3. User ensures that the images of an erotic or violent theme would only add to the locked album (for friends, with password, private).
    4. All pictures or photographs must be in accordance with the laws and with moral and ethical rules.
    5. Pictures or photos may not contain addresses or logos of other websites.
    6. Inappropriate pictures, photos or albums can be modified or deleted.
    7. Operator has the right to modify all the properties of files, photos or albums with the exception of changes the access rights to "public" or "only for registered"
    8. Profile Photo must include a photography of the user or his friends and must comply with some data entered in the user profile and user must be recognizable. Any other images will be deleted from the profile.
  7. Service Fee

    1. Currently all services of site 4ever.eu are provided free of charge, which the developers foresee the future. Exceptions are advertising services.
  8. Other rules

    1. Operator has the right to show the user advertising banners.
    2. User unsures that they will not in any way restrict or prevent them from appearing.
    3. These rules became valid on 6/1/2005 and are valid for an indefinite period.
    4. These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice.